Minimal Intervention


The following research articles have been fully or partially funded by the ADRF.

Fish Oil as an adjunct therapy for periodontitis - a pilot study to determine whether there are acute and chronic benefits

A.M. Coastes, T.R. Fitzsimmons, B.Chee, B.Park, K. Kapellas, P.R.C Howe, R.Lee, S. Ivanovski, P.M. Bartold

In a 13 month pilot randomised controlled study we evaluated fish oil supplementation as an adjunct therapy to non-surgical periodontal treatment. Following treatment, participants with advanced chronic periodontitis (10M/23F) consumed either fish oil or placebo capsules (2g/day) for 13 months with clinical assessments of probing pocket depth and clinical attachment level at baseline then 4, 7, 10 and 13 months.  At 4 months, both groups had improvements in clinical outcomes but no differences existed between groups. Additional analyses are planned for later time points.