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Dental research is critically important to the future of dentistry.

The Foundation is a major source for funding of dental and oral health research in Australia today, as it has been since its founding in 1970. To date, it has dispersed $3.5 million through the awarding of 2,050 grants and scholarships, advancing dental knowledge and practice on many fronts.

Essential to its commitment to funding dental research is the ongoing support of the dental industry and dental professionals and interested members of the public. To continue and grow this vital work, the Foundation invites you to become a supporter or make a general donation. All donations are tax deductible.

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The gift of knowledge is priceless and neverending. You can make your contribution to the expansion of dental learning and practice, essential to the future of dentistry and the welfare of patients, by leaving a bequest in your will to the ADRF.

The ADRF's rigorous selection processes for grant recipients means you can rest assured that your bequest will be well used and that it will make a real difference to the oral health of all Australians.

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The Foundation would like to sincerely thank the following for their supporter contributions and donations.



Dr John E Hazledine P/L
Dr Chris Wilson, Raymond Terrace Dental Care
Dr Kim Davies
Dr Bruce Simmons
Dr Patrick J Meaney & Associates
Dr John M McIntyre
Dr David F Hallett
Dr Hilton Katz
Dr Linda Piccin
Drs I R & A M McAtamney
Dr Robin B McNab
Dr Paul M Standish
Dr Michael Tu, Burwood Family Dentist
Dr Caroline Hong
Dr John Handran
Dr Bruce Taylor
A/Prof John K Harcourt
Dr Ping Ye
Dr Daniel H Lu 
Dr R A Nixon
Dr Robert M Cook
Dr Michael May, Dentists on Starkey
Dr Ben Armenores
Dr Martin Glick
Dr Samuel Bennett
Dr Koe Ean Ong
Dr David A Parker
Dr Paul J Danenberg, Danenberg Dental Surgery
Dr Robert A Watson
Dr Ian R Matthews
Dr Frank Davis
Dr Cynthia C Tuazon 
Dr I M Eltenn
Dr Lan Pham
Dr Kate Amos
Dr John W Kenny
Dr Bruce Simmons
Dr John M McIntyre
Dr David F Hallett
Dr Sheelagh K Beech 
The Dental Surgery Newstead
Mr and Mrs W and P Clark, Cattani Australia Pty. Ltd. 
Dr Barry S Johnson
Dr Paul M Standish
Dr Caroline Hong
Dr Christopher Brian Muir
Dr Jill Poyner
Dr Thanh Truong 
Dr Walter Cappelletto 
Mr Garry Pearson, ADAVB
Dr Michael D Blood
Dr Rodney H Mitchell
Dr R W Hession
Dr R A Blake Dental Pty Ltd
Dr Mark Storrs
Dr Jo Newton
Dr Samuel Bennett
Dr Koe Ean Ong
Dr Ian R Matthews
Mi-tec Media Pty Ltd
Gunz Dental Pty Ltd
Dr John Berne
Dr Christopher Gorman
Family, Bill, Pam and Allison Clark
Dr Ruth Paluch
Dr Melinda E Barva, MB Orthodontics
Dr Robert Watons
Dr Kerry Eupene, Smith Street Dental Practice Pty Ltd
Dr Patrick J Meaney & Associates