In-n-Out Teeth: Dilemmas and Decision Making for the Avulsed Tooth

  4 November 2021

Facilitated by Dr Jenny Ball

James, aged 7, and his brother, Coen, aged 10, are playing footy. James trips over Coen and lands on his face, meanwhile the momentum carries Coen forwards and he hits his face against the goal post…the tumble results in each of the boys avulsing a tooth!
Although both boys sustain a similar traumatic dental injury, the two children can have very different outcomes and much depends on the immediate and follow-up management by their dentist. There are things we must do as part of the emergency management as well as things that we should not do. Various sequelae can develop during the follow-up period and their management can range from simple things such as observation to much more complicated treatments such as decoronation, loss of the tooth, etc.
This lecture will explore the potential complications and outcomes, along with outlining what we can do as dentists for these two patients.

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