ADA Fees Survey


The ADA conducts a member Fees Survey every year, through an independent survey research company, ACA research. We strongly encourage members to complete the survey as the survey forms the basis of one of the most critical reports the ADA publishes for members.

How to Complete the Survey

ADA Survey

Check your email for your survey invitation which was sent from [email protected] on the 18 August. Your survey invitation email contains a link that will take you to the survey. Note that the ADA stay as arms-length from conduct of the survey for privacy and confidentiality reasons, which is why we can’t provide a link to the survey on this page. 

Practice Management Software

Dental4Windows and PracticeWorks users can use the program's De-identified Data Collection function to automatically collect the data without any identifying characteristics. It's a fast and convenient way of completing the survey. (See the How to guides for Dental4Windows and PracticeWorks).

Importance of the Survey for Members

Completing this survey benefits ADA members in two ways. Firstly, results will provide member practices with a valuable snapshot of average fees charged by generalist and specialist dentists in each state as at 30 June 2019, and how fees have changed since the previous year.

Secondly, results of the survey provide the ADA with information that is critical to our advocacy efforts - for example, in relation to issues such as private health insurance, and closing the gap between dental benefits schedules used for the CDBS and Veterans Affairs' dental schemes and the actual costs of providing treatment under these schemes.

Key Dates

  • Survey Opens: 18 August 2020
  • Survey Closes: 18 September 2020
  • Results Published: December News Bulletin.


Question: Does the ADA have access to an individual members survey repsonse?

Answer: No, all data is treated in the strictest confidence by ACA Research. Data is de-identified and aggregated for the purpose of analysis and reporting to the ADA, and details of your individual survey response are not disclosed to anyone.

Question: Is the survey prefilled with last years result?

Answer: Yes, if you took up the option provided at the end of last year's survey to have this year's survey pre-populated with your 2019 data. If this applies to you, all you need to do is alter any data that has changed in the interim and then submit your survey.

Question: If all the dentists at your practice usually charge the same fees do we all need to complete the survey?

Answer: All dentists in the practice should complete the survey even if they charge the same fees. For the data gathered via the survey to be comprehensive, accurate and useful we need as many members as possible complete it.

Question: Do I need to complete the survey in one sitting or can I save and come back to it?

Answer: The survey will save the data you have entered, so you can resume at any time from where you left off by clicking on the link to the survey.

How to get more information 

Your survey invitation provides contact details for ACA Research, whom you should contact if you have any queries about the survey, or any difficulties while you are completing it.