Dental Team

  • Dentist

    This highly-ethical profession, which fosters a culture of ongoing learning and development specialising in the treatment of conditions affecting the mouth, teeth, jaws and gums.

  • Dental Prosthetist

    Engaged in the manufacture of partial and complete dentures, and mouthguards, consulting directly with patients.

  • Dental Hygienist

    Working in consultation with a dentist, this role primarily encompasses prevention of dental disease and the promotion of patients’ oral health.

  • Dental Technician

    You will create, modify and repair a range of oral devices designed to replace or repair missing teeth on the instructions of a dentist, specialist dentist or dental prosthetist.

  • Dental Therapist

    You will work to educate children and adults on the best ways to maintain good oral health, often in community-based settings.

  • Dental Assistant

    Work mainly in private or specialist practice as part of a wider dental team, primarily with dentists, across a broad range of skill areas.