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Well established practice in Tamworth looking for part-time or full-time Dentist or OHT.

About Marius Street Family Dental/What the role offers -

We have providing Tamworth's Dental needs for 70+ years. Tamworth is based approx 5 hours from Sydney and 7-8 hours from Brisbane - there are also daily flights. 

You will be replacing the previous dentist who got married and moved back to be close to family.

We are a very busy practice with a large patient base, as well as a big variety in patients. Our Appointment book is generally booked 2-3 weeks in advance.

Great opportunity to develop clinical skills. On-site cerec scanner and milling machine, CBCT machine, intraoral cameras, DSLR camera set up for extraoral photographs, sleep study machine (medibyte), lower level laser unit, electrosurgery machine, in-chair whitening, centrifuge (used during surgery). There is a separate lab with ability to stain and glaze ceramic crowns, do wax build ups, suck-down clear trays or to fabricate custom trays/wax rims/dentures (if you  really want to, or you can send to the lab in Sydney). We also have a separate clinic designed for children, and a children area for myofunctional training.

Our Principal dentist, Min, is the owner and enjoys mentoring and teaching, and is happy to help the clinician develop their interests, however, there is no pressure to go outside your comfort zone. Min is confident in placing implants, having placed well over a thousand, splints, VDO increase, cosmetic and smile design, and also does orthodontics, combined with myofunctional and muscle training. 

We are not a ‘corporate’ environment! We have a wide selection of materials, however you are free to request that we order in anything that you prefer to use. No KPIs. You are able to take leave as required, as long as it is organised in the appointment book in a way that minimises the need for patient and staff rescheduling.

Salary or commission, depending on your preference.

Skills and experience

What we expect from clinicians -

  • Strong patient communication and record taking is critical. Need to be able to communicate dentistry in an understandable way. Happy to provide training/recommend courses if you feel that this is an area that needs improvement.
  • Looking for a long-term career and to develop relationships with patients/see treatment plans through.
  • Strong ethics and a desire to do top quality dentistry. No shortcuts or overtreatment of patients will be tolerated.

New graduates welcome to apply.

For more information about us, refer to our website 

Resume's can be emailed to [email protected]

  • Posted 17 April 2019
  • Tamworth, NSW
  • Private