Drawn from the UK, Canada and USA, the keynote speakers, all of whom have spoken and published extensively in a wide variety of forums across the world, bring with them a wealth of knowledge, and considerable skills and experience in their respective fields including prosthodontics, periodontics and endodontics.

Dr Sascha Jovanovic

The principal keynote speaker for Congress, Sascha is a competitive tennis player and member of the Mammoth Ski Race Masters Team, whose career has focused on dental implant therapy, bone & soft tissue reconstruction and aesthetic dentistry.

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Dr Aldo Leopardi

A prosthodontist by day and rock star by night, Aldo lectures on fixed, removable and implant dentistry as well maintaining close involvement in clinical research and the founder of the Denver Implant Study Club and the Knowledge Factory.

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Prof Tony Pogrel

With a keen interest in archaeology, Tony is board-certified in oral and maxillofacial surgery and presents frequently at specialty meetings throughout the world as well as publishing in more than 200 publications on a variety of topics.

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Dr Finlay Sutton

A keen early-morning distance runner, Finlay is a specialist in restorative dentistry who is committed to teaching dental professionals how to provide state of the art dentures, including the production of optimally-functioning, natural-looking dentures.

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Prof Asgeir Sigurdsson

Taking every opportunity to indulge his love of sailplaning (gliding), Asgeir has lectured over 200 times across the world on pain, endodontics, dental trauma and/or forensic sciences and has written extensively on the same topics.

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Prof Gilles Lavigne

An avid sailor, Gilles is internationally recognised for his experimental and clinical research projects on sleep bruxism and the interactions between sleep, pain, and breathing disorders, remaining active in clinical teaching and services in both these areas.

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Countdown to Congress 1st May 2019