Dr Asheen Behari

A general practitioner in private practice in Claremont, Western Australia, Dr Asheen Behari is a Clinical Associate lecturer in the discipline of Oral Rehabilitation at the University of Sydney and served as a Senior Cinical Lecturer at the University of Western Australia. He is actively involved in teaching and facilitating continuing education programs for dental practitioners and in mentoring others. His general practice is focused on restorative dentistry and dental implant surgery and prosthodontics.


Lunch & Learn | Tooth Preparation and Impression Techniques for Ceramic and Implant Restorations
Lunchtime sessions Program
Friday 3rd May
12:10 PM - 1:40 PM

This will be a didactic presentation. Contemporary dentistry for many practitioners today includes the provision of bonded ceramic indirect restorations and the prosthodontic phases of Implant Dentistry. Accurate tooth preparation facilities the aesthetic and functional outcomes that may be achieved with current ceramic materials.

Selection of appropriate impression techniques and materials are vital to facilitate the design, manufacture and delivery of indirect restorations and dental implant prostheses. This session will be of an informal nature and will focus on some technical aspects and material selection criteria to help us improve our outcomes with these procedures.

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