Dr Bharat Agrawal

With a Masters in Aesthetic Dentistry with Distinction through King’s College, Dr Bharat Agrawal is a proponent of the paradigm shift towards minimally invasive aesthetic dentistry that often requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Teaching aesthetic principals and hands-on composites, alongside instruction for Invisalign, he has had a clinical white-paper published and a case accepted in the Invisalign Global Gallery which examined smile enhancement using alignment, vital bleaching, additive bonding and dentofacial aesthetic corrections using facial injectables.



The Aesthetic evaluation and the Invisalign restorative interface
Main Scientific Program
Saturday 4th May
1:45 PM - 2:30 PM

Tooth preservation underpins the philosophies of modern dentistry with contemporary aesthetic smile makeovers often requiring some form of pre-restorative alignment to achieve this.

Aesthetic treatments combining pre-restorative alignment and aesthetic techniques that are underpinned by the philosophy of tooth preservation should be the primary consideration for any aesthetic dentist. Dr Agrawal will discuss the advantages of pre-restorative alignment with the Invisalign system, presenting tips on patient communication, the aesthetic evaluation/diagnosis and digital/3D planning. He will be presenting several cases and discussing his streamlined workflow at length.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how pre-restorative orthodontic alignment with Invisalign fits into the overall aesthetic plan. Even if you aren’t doing your own alignment, learn how to effectively communicate with your peers and specialists.
  • Learn how digital technology can assist in aesthetic diagnosis, case presentation and patient communication.
  • Precision planning using clear aligners to control your final tooth position, minimising or eradicating the need for tooth preparation to achieve your desired aesthetic outcome.
  • Learn how to streamline your workflow, minimising patient appointments all-whilst maximizing your end-result.
  • Learn how to combine multiple therapies and treatments to meet your patients’ aesthetic goals.

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