Ms Jocelyn Awwad

Jocelyn Awwad has worked in the areas of sales and marketing for over 30 years at various multinational and local firms. Over the last 15 years she has facilitated at TAFE SA and Australian Institute of Management (AIM) teaching both accredited and non-accredited courses in sales and marketing. Jocelyn has extensive oral health knowledge and is aware of the current marketing challenges to overcome.


Marketing Branding and the use of Social Media
Dental Prosthetists Program
Friday 3rd May
4:50 PM - 5:35 PM

This workshop will introduce the basics of social media marketing outlining how to:

  • create compelling marketing content

  • develop a social media marketing strategy

  • promote your brand

We will outline how to tap into various platforms including Facebook and beyond, to get the most for your business.

Learning Outcomes:
Consideration given to the following:

  • The consumer decision process

  • The social media marketing strategies for your business

  • The social media platforms suited to your business

  • What content needs to be included for your marketing


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