37th Australian Dental


Wednesday 17th - Sunday 21st May

Lunch and Learns

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Tips and tricks with rubber dam

Presented by Dr Michael Wyatt

Melbourne Room 2

This session will give you an opportunity to learn some practical tips and tricks to make placing a rubber dam an easy and routine part of your clinical practice. more >

Minimally invasive endodontic access

Presented by Dr Morgan Wu

Melbourne Room 2

Access cavity often plays a great role in endodontic outcome. more >

Bracketing for success – The pop-off problem

Presented by Mr Gregor Connell

Melbourne Room 2

Utilising every-day materials to “re-bond” orthodontic brackets that have “popped-off” of their patients. more >

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Fundamental inner ergonomics for dentists

Presented by Dr Anikó Ball

Melbourne Room 2

Worldwide research shows an alarming incidence of occupational musculoskeletal disorders in the dental profession. more >

Oral appliance therapy for snoring and sleep apnoea – the steps for incorporating this treatment into dental practice

Presented by Dr Harry Ball

Melbourne Room 2

This presentation will discuss the steps to successfully integrate this service into your practice, or taking it to the next level. more >

Resistance and retention form revisited – Tooth preparation for fixed prosthodontics

Presented by Dr Graham Carmichael

Melbourne Room 2

The decision to crown a tooth should be undertaken after careful consideration of remaining tooth structure to provide necessary retention and resistance form for optimal outcomes. more >

Periapical surgery

Presented by Dr Peter Case

Melbourne Room 2

Management of post treatment endodontic disease can be a dilemma for both the dentist and endodontist. more >

Soft tissue grafting around implants – Possibilities and limitations

Presented by Dr Mark Farmer

Melbourne Room 2

The goal of this lecture is to discuss the role of keratinised tissue in maintaining peri-implant soft tissue health and aesthetics. more >

Cements and fixed prosthodontics

Presented by Dr Mark Gervais

Melbourne Room 2

Cementation in fixed prosthodontics is a confusing area of dental material science. more >

Do I really need to lose that tooth? Limits of periodontal treatment

Presented by Dr Alice Huynh

Melbourne Room 2

This discussion will provide some information that may assist you in answering your patients’ questions as well as assisting treatment planning. more >

Indications & patient experience with orthognathic surgery

Presented by Dr Amanda Leen

Melbourne Room 2

Orthognathic surgery is a part of contemporary orthodontic and maxillofacial practice. more >

Zirconia crowns for children

Presented by Dr James Lucas

Melbourne Room 2

This presentation will discuss the aesthetic alternatives to stainless steel crowns with particular reference to Zirconia crowns more >

Impression tips & tricks for full dentures

Presented by Dr John Pearson

Melbourne Room 2

The most important part of complete denture construction is to provide an appliance which fits the tissues and has an adequate border seal, as this sets the tone for the procedures to follow. more >

Optimising your ClinCheck® Pro experience

Presented by Mrs Tanya Hill

Melbourne Room 2

Join this session to learn how to optimise your ClinCheck treatment planning experience! more >

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Instrument sharpening

Presented by Dr Don Watkins

Melbourne Room 2

This session will be a combination of discussion and hands on exercises to cover instrument indentification, sharpening and application. more >

Overview of orthognathic surgery – what our patients can expect

Presented by Dr Sophia Richardson

Melbourne Room 2

Discuss the What, Why, Who, When, and How of corrective jaw surgery, to better support your patients through their treatment. more >

Tips for negotiating tricky root canals to patency

Presented by Dr Theo Chan

Melbourne Room 2

Dr Chan will be discussing reasons that can impede your way, and tips to overcome these problems and gain canal patency predictably. more >

The Evolution of the Digital Workflow in the Dental Practice

Presented by Dr Michael Dieter

Melbourne Room 2

Dr. Michael Dieter will introduce a digital chairside concept that helps the clinician to make esthetic dentistry more predictable and more profitable in the dental practice. more >

L&L sessions are an additional cost to your Congress registration. AUD $100 GST Incl.

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