37th Australian Dental


Wednesday 17th - Sunday 21st May


Providing a richly-informed perspective on the practise of dentistry throughout the world in an impressive array of fourms, these speakers will give insight on advances in dentistry which are progressing at an exponential rate.

Prof Finbarr Allen

Currently Dean, NUS Faculty of Dentistry and Chair of the University Dental Cluster, National University Hospital, Finbarr is a Professor in the discipline of Operative Dentistry, Endodontics and Prosthodontics, and a. more >

Mr Gregor Connell

Described by industry peers and clients as a dynamic, knowledgeable and engaging speaker, Gregor brings not only technical and educational content to every session, but delivers it with clarity, acuity and humour. His. more >

Dr Michael Danesh-Meyer

A registered specialist in periodontics and dental implants, Michael returned to New Zealand in 2000 following two years in the USA where he was Clinical Assistant Professor in Periodontology and Associate Scientist in. more >

Dr Michael Dieter

With a focus on minimally invasive and adhesive dentistry, namely on aesthetic direct anterior and posterior composite restorations as well as on smile design with all ceramic reconstructions, Michael was responsible. more >

Prof Dennis Fasbinder

A Clinical Professor in the Department of Cariology, Restorative Sciences and Endodontics, University of Michigan, School of Dentistry, Dr Fasbinder directs the Computerized Dentistry Unit that is dedicated to research. more >

Dr Christopher Fox

Dr. Christopher H. Fox is the executive director of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) and the American Association for Dental Research (AADR). The IADR is a non-profit organization with a. more >

Prof Simone Grandini

Prof Simone Grandini is Head of Department and Chair of Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry at Siena University. Over the last 20 years he has given more than 300 lectures on endodontics and restorative dentistry in. more >

Dr Tim Hodgson

Tim Hodgson, consultant in Oral Medicine/Honorary Senior Lecturer, was appointed Clinical Director at the Eastman Dental Hospital UCLH Foundation NHS Trust, January 2014. He has 80 citations in peer reviewed journals. more >

Dr Jordi Manauta

Jordi Manauta is engaged in the ongoing development of various materials and instruments for aesthetic dentistry and photography in collaboration with international companies. He is visiting lecturer at Seville and. more >

Prof Philip Marsh

A Professor of Oral Microbiology at the School of Dentistry, Professor Marsh has published over 250 research papers and review articles, and is co-author of a leading text book on oral microbiology. He has been the. more >

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