ADA COVID-19 Webinars

Members only series of webinars on the latest news and issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Webinar March 26th

COVID-19 is the greatest challenge to confrount the dental profession in our lifetime. We appreciate the enormity of the challenges faced, this Q & A webinar recorded on 26th March 2020 will provide guidance, clarity and support on dealing with the many effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Information is current as of the 26th March 2020.

COVID-19 Financial & HR Impacts

COVID-19 is having a significant impact on the financial stability of many dentists. This webinar will provide dentists, regardless of whether they are owners, contractors or employees with the opportunity to engage with experts in business finance and HR as well as hear directly from a dental practice owner about how he is dealing with the issue. This is the second webinar produced by the ADA specifically for Dentists. 

COVID-19 JobKeeper and Commercial Leasing

Following the release of the legislative framework around the JobKeeper wage subsidy, as well as information about commercial leasing arrangements, ADA's webinar recording on these important new initiatives outline how it might work for you. This is the third webinar in the current COVID series produced specifically by the ADA for Dentists. 

COVID-19 Practising through the pandemic

The fourth COVID-19 'Practising Through the Pandemic' webinar facilitated by Dr Dominic Aouad with Associate Professor Sharon Liberali (Chair of the Infection Control Committee), Dr Carmelo Bonanno (ADA President) and Mr Damian Mitsch (ADA CEO) is about how dentists and dental practices will respond to the Level 2 restrictions implementation.

COVID-19 Practising through the pandemic (Part 2)

The fifth webinar in the COVID-19 series, this webinar continues to outline the changes how dental practices will respond to the level 2 restrictions.

COVID-19 Webinar 7th May - Infection Control

The sixth COVID-19 webinar at a time when The AHPPC recommendation to move to a national minimum of Level 1, individual states and territories may choose to apply restrictions beyond any nationally established minimum to address local conditions or future outbreaks. This webinar was run with experts from the ADA's Infection Control Committee, A/Prof Sharon Liberali and Prof Laurie Walsh, to explain the infection control implications of practising through the pandemic.

COVID-19: Rebuilding your book during Level 1 Restrictions

One of the greatest challenges we face as the restrictions on dental practice ease and we navigate our way out of the pandemic is reconnecting with patients. In the 7th COVID-19 webinar, facilitator Dr Dominic Aouad, Carolyn Dean (Dental Marketing Specialist and Author), Jesse Green (Dentist and Professional Business Coach) and Brett Churnin (General Manager of Client Relationships at Prime Practice), who all experts in dental practice marketing and practice excellence. They will share with you effective marketing strategies and practical business tips that will help you rebuild your book as restrictions start to ease back to normal.

Practising Under COVID: HR, Infection Control and PPE

The 8th webinar in the COVID-19 series covers the ongoing and evolving COVID-19 developments affecting Dental practitioners. With changes to the Jobkeeper support scheme which will be extended to March 2021, the panel covers what the ongoing implications will have for practices as well as the current issues surrounding infection control and PPE. 


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