Information/Guidelines + Resources

The key Information/Guidelines & Resources for Infection Control.

Guidelines for Infection Control

This essential publication, which it is mandatory for every practice to have onsite, describes the infection control processes that dental practitioners and clinical support staff are obliged to implement.

Infection Control Manual Template - MEMBER ONLY

The Infection control manual template takes all the hard work out of documenting your infection control processes and procedures.

Practical Guide to Infection Control - MEMBER ONLY

This publication outlines the most effective practical procedures for implementing the ADA’s Infection Control Guidelines in a dental practice.

Self Assessment Tool for Infection Control - MEMBER ONLY

This practical tool, which is best used in conjunction with ADA’s Guidelines for Infection Control, is designed to help dental practitioners identify issues around infection control within their practice.

Droplet Transmission Based Precautions

A guide to standard precautions and droplets based precautions, to be implemented where standard precautions alone may be insufficient to prevent infection.

Hand Hygiene Audit

The Hand Hygiene Audit template is available in the ADA Practice Accreditation Hub to assist you in becoming fully compliant with hand hygiene procedures.

Rubber Dam for Restorative Dentistry

A guide to the use of rubber dams in restorative dentistry.

Faecal-Oral Transmission of COVID-19

Information regarding potential faecal-oral transmission of COVID-19 and its impact on environmental cleaning.

The Use of Nitrous Oxide During COVID-19

Information on how to reduce potential risks associated with nitrous oxide sedation during COVID-19.

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