Practising Through Covid

The key documents to help you keep practising during the COVID-19 pandemic.

ADA Dental Service Restrictions in COVID-19

A framework outlining the ADA's recommendations in relation to the continuation of dental services.

COVID-19 Risk Management Guidance

A comprehensive guide to help manage the COVID-19 risk in your practice.

COVID-19 Decision Trees

Use the decision tree relevent to your state's restrictions.

Level 1 Decision Tree

Level 2 Decision Tree

Level 3 Decision Tree

Australian Society of Orthodontists Restriction Guidelines

Recommendations from the Australian Society of Orthodontists on COVID-19

Australian Society of Orthodontists - Level 2 Restrictions

Australian Society of Orthodontists - Level 3 Restrictions

Covid-19 Government Updates

Latest information for health workers on COVID-19 from the Federal Department of Health and links to local information and epidemiological testing criteria for States and Territories.

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