Running an Event

The aim of Dental Health Week is to educate Australians about the importance of maintaining good oral health in every aspect of their lives. Sporting the cheeky tagline of "Watch Your Mouth" this year, the event is a great opportunity to talk to your patients, and, if you're keen, your surrounding community, about taking better care of their teeth, gums and yes, their entire mouth. 

Running an event in your practice

The great thing about staging an event at your practice is that there’s no need to go scouting for a venue, hire event management staff or a willing audience. You have them all there! Now you just need to get creative – how about … 

• Encourage your staff to dress up for the day – it's a great way to get peoples' attention.  
• Hold a colouring-in competition for kids and display their artwork on the walls.  
• Decorate like crazy – balloons, Dental Health Week bunting, banner and posters. 

You know your patients best – what do you think will strike a chord with them?  For plenty of great ideas, check out the Dental Health Week Event Handbook. [embed link] 

Reaching out to your community 

Get your practice out in front of an even bigger audience! Pick your most articulate, outgoing team members and send them out to do a presentation at your local library, mothers’ group, school or community group – anywhere you can find an audience willing to listen. 

To help you make a splash, we've put together a resource kit [embed link] full of posters, bunting, e-newsletter banners and even a Powerpoint presentation template. 

Social media and you 

Using Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat to amplify your message is a great cost-effective idea. You can: 

• Share pics of your Dental Health Week event using #dentalhealthweek  
• Run a Q&A session on Facebook or Google Hangouts or hold a Facebook Event 
• Live tweet your community events using #dentalhealthweek  

If you’re not confident about writing your own posts, try using the ones we post exactly as they are or with some extra touches added by you. Just remember, keep it short, sweet and to the point! 

Oh, and please remember to use the hashtags #dentalhealthweek and #watchyourmouth  

Tell us about your Dental Health Week Event!  

We love that you’re willing to be involved in Dental Health Week! We want to hear all about it and promote it too. Email your photos, stories, links, articles, or feedback to [email protected] With your permission, the best and brightest Dental Health Week events will be showcased in the ADA News Bulletin, through ADA social media accounts and the Australian Dentist e-newsletter.