Dental Practice

  • 6.1 Infection Control

    All dentists and allied dental personnel must work to minimise the risk of disease transmission, complying with the DBA’s infection control obligations and the ADA’s Guidelines for Infection Control. 

  • 6.2 Quality Assurance

    Improving the quality and safety of dental care must incorporate standard principles of Quality Assurance and Total Quality Management. 

  • 6.3 Dental Health Care Workers (and Students) Infected with Blood-Borne Viruses

    All dental health care workers should be vaccinated against blood-borne viruses, should monitor their infection status, and if their status is stable should be permitted to perform exposure prone procedures.

  • 6.4 Management of Impaired Dental Practitioners

    Impaired dental practitioners can continue to provide valuable and safe dental health services, as long as their conditions are appropriately managed by regulatory authorities. 

  • 6.5 Professional Boundaries

    Professional boundaries are integral to good dental practitioner-patient relationship. Dental practitioners must be aware of their responsibilities regarding professional boundaries and ensure that professional relationships with their patients are maintained at all times

  • 6.5.2 Professional Boundaries

    The dentist-patient relationship is central to the practice of dentistry and involves a unique position of trust; dentists must ensure this professional relationship is never violated. 

  • 6.7 Use of Dental Appliances to Treat Sleep-Disordered Breathing

    While dentists are the only dental practitioners qualified to manage oral appliance therapy for Sleep-Disordered Breathing, both medical and dental expertise is required to manage patients who are candidates for this treatment. 

  • 6.8 Evidence-Based Dentistry

    Dental practitioners should embrace evidence-based dental care with a focus on the primacy of patient treatment and along with government, industry, research foundations and universities, ensure this research is well-funded. 

  • 6.9 Advertising in Dentistry

    The advertising of dental services should solely be used to assist patients in deciding which dentist to use and must comply with relevant standards administered by the Dental Board of Australia. 

  • 6.10 Oral Cancer Screening

    Patients should undergo oral cancer examinations by their dentists at least once a year as well being encouraged to stop smoking and limit their intake of alcohol.