Dental Practice

  • 6.20 Social Responsibility

    The ADA believes dentistry should be practised in a way that is culturally sensitive, non-discriminatory, and socially responsible,.Oral health promotion should be well-funded and treatment provided to those in need.

  • 6.21 Dentistry and Sustainability

    Dental practices should be encouraged to operate in an environmentally friendly, sustainable way although this should not compromise the safety and quality of dental treatment delivered to a patient. 

  • 6.22 Dento-Maxillofacial Cone Beam Volumetric Tomography

    Cone beam Volumetric Tomography (CBVT) captures 3D images of the head and neck, and should be used for dental diagnosis and treatment when appropriate. 

  • 6.23 Prescribing and Dispensing Medications in Dentistry

    Dentists should understand when prescriptions are needed, be trained in their safe use, adhere to the legal requirements of prescribing and be able to use e-prescribing where available. 

  • 6.24 Social Media and Dentistry

    The Dental Board of Australia must regulate all forms of advertising and social media use by dental practitioners who should comply with the Board’s registration standards and guidelines, including preserving the privacy of patients.

  • 6.25 Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice

    All dental practitioners and practice staff should regularly undertake recognised first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and dental practices should have a written protocol for responding to medical emergencies.

  • 6.26 Dental Fees

    Dentists must retain the right to determine their own fees, and to charge usual and customary fees appropriate to their circumstances. 

  • 6.27 Bisphenol-A in Dental Restorative Materials

    Further research on exposure and release of BPA from resin-based dental materials and the relevant clinical implications including how BPA is absorbed and cleared by the body, is strongly recommended. 

  • 6.28 Teledentistry

    Teledentistry services must only be provided by a dental practitioner registered with the Dental Board of Australia. Teledentistry should be further developed, monitored and assessed.

  • 6.29 Laser Safety in Dentistry

    Safe use of lasers in a dental practice must be achieved by following a program of laser safety activities and procedures which are monitored, reviewed and audited to achieve best practice