Dental Workforce, Education and Training

  • 3.14 The Role of Non-Dental Practitioners in Oral Health

    Non-dental practitioners should be educated about oral health to facilitate early intervention by dentists, and they should have protocols in place for timely referrals to dentists, with all health practitioners working cooperatively and promoting consistent health messages.

  • 3.15 Post Graduate Year One Programs

    Post Graduate Year One programmes, which must be adequately funded by governments, should offer a supportive environment for graduates to consolidate their dental undergraduate clinical and educational experience. 

  • 3.16 Collaborative Practice

    Amid growing evidence that teamwork between health care professionals leads to improved patient health outcomes, dental teams led by dentists should take part in collaborative practice. 

  • 3.17 Dentist Graduate Declaration

    All dentist students in Australia should make a common ethical declaration on graduation in line with the professional obligations to patients that dentists share with all other health practitioners.