National Oral Health

  • 2.3.8 Infants & Pre-School Children

    There must be an emphasis on equal access for all children to professional oral health care, and on information on oral hygiene for parents, carers and childcare facilities.

  • 2.4 Research

    Government, industry and the dental profession must be involved in supporting increased research into the causes, prevalence, prevention, control and treatment of oral diseases and disorders.

  • 2.5.1 Government

    The priority of public funding for dental services should be assisting disadvantaged and special needs groups, with a focus on water fluoridation, encouraging the cessation of smoking and oral health promotion.

  • 2.5.2 Universal Dental Schemes

    Government should focus on providing comprehensive services to groups with inadequate access to oral health care rather than instituting a national taxpayer-funded scheme.

  • 2.5.3 Capitation Dental Schemes

    These schemes should not be introduced as a funding model for oral health care because they may not deliver comprehensive quality treatment to patients.

  • 2.7.1 Dental Hospitals

    Dental hospitals play an integral role in the provision of oral health care, and should collaborate with community dental clinics and medical hospital dental units, as well as educating dental professionals.

  • 2.7.2 Medical Hospital Dental Units

    All medical hospitals should have dental units staffed by specialists or experienced general practitioners and ensure that people who receive treatment there have continuity of care throughout their lives.

  • 2.7.3 Dental General Anaesthesia Procedure Facilities

    Government should provide resources and an appropriate legislative framework to ensure equitable access to general anaesthesia facilities for all dental patients.

  • 2.7.4 Mobile Dental Services

    Mobile dental services play an important role in enhancing access to dental care. Careful planning is required to provide quality and safe delivery of care at each location.

  • 2.8 Non-communicable Diseases

    Governments, policy makers and community leaders must develop and implement strategies that target the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) for optimal oral and general health.