National Oral Health

  • 2.9 Oral and Systemic Disease

    Public health policy and government planning needs to take into account the effects of oral disease on overall health and make oral health care a key part of a comprehensive health care strategy.

  • 2.10 Oral Health and the Social Determinants of Health

    In addition to urging government to combat the social determinants of poor health, the ADA is working with general health disciplines to reduce health inequalities throughout society.

  • 2.11 Dental Volunteers

    Dentists, allied dental personnel and other suitably-qualified professionals are encouraged to support dental volunteer programmes with the goal of empowering local communities to provide their own ongoing care.

  • 2.12 Abuse and Violence Victims and Dentistry

    Dental Practitioners should attempt to provide a safe and compassionate environment for patients in their role in the detection, intervention and provision of advice to those suffering the consequences of abuse and violence and must be aware of the mandatory requirements with respect to family violence.