Third Parties

  • 5.11 Credentialing for Hospital Practice

    Australian hospitals determining scope of practice in their institutions should note that all dentists are registered to provide all dental treatments unless restricted by a condition imposed by the Board.

  • 5.12 The Relationship between Dentists and the Pharmaceutical Industry

    Professional interactions between dentists and the pharmaceutical industry should primarily focus on advancing the health of patients and the community rather than the self-interests of either dentists or the industry. 

  • 5.13 Complementary or alternative therapy associated with Dental Practice

    Legislation should enable negative licensing or sanctioning of any person providing non-dental, complementary or alternative health services in association with dental practice who is deemed incompetent or irresponsible. 

  • 5.14 Dentistry and the Legal System

    Dentists should comply with legal obligations relating to dental practice. If specific issues relating to legal obligations arise, dentists should firstly seek advice and assistance from the Australian Dental Association. 

  • 5.15 Consent to Treatment

    Dentists should seek consent from patients prior to treatment and should comply with the Board’s Code of Conduct and be guided by the ADA Guidelines for Consent for Care in Dentistry.

  • 5.16 Informed Financial Consent

    The dentist / patient relationship should be mutually respectful and include discussion including financial consent.

  • 5.17 Dental Records

    Dentists have a professional and a legal obligation to maintain clinically relevant, accurate and contemporaneous dental records of their patients including identifying details and current medical history. 

  • 5.18 Dentistry Privacy and Confidentiality

    Dentists and their staff have ethical and legal obligations to protect the personal and sensitive information of patients, including privacy and confidentiality obligations.  

  • 5.19 Assessments and Reports for Third Parties

    When providing reports for third parties, dentists must comply with the DBA's Code of Conduct and write their reports in an impartial way that only offers professional, objective opinions. 

  • 5.20 Dental Certificates, Giving Evidence and Witnessing Documents

    Dentists may be asked to provide certificates for a variety of reasons, including sick leave and other absences from work or study, confirmation of treatment for reimbursement, insurance or other claims or certification of oral health status, always conforming with the DBA's Code of conduct for registered health.