Your ADA Branch stands ready to support you every step of the way on your Practice Accreditation journey.


Granted there is a lot of work involved but with the ADA-created templates at your disposal, which are your first line of reference, and your Branch's support, you'll find it's far easier to complete than you might first expect. 

You'll be provided with professional, relevant and practical support on a whole range of issues including:

• Interpreting the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, which are the basis of the practice accreditation process.

• Deciding whether you would benefit more from amending your existing documentation or starting from scratch with the easy-to-use templates provided.

• Identifying which of your practice documents will be suitable as evidence.

• Helping you to come up with examples to use in your policies i.e. in an emergency situation, how would you respond to a person who has collapsed?

• Appreciating the exact level of detail needed for each template i.e. if Therapeutic Guidelines or MIMs covers the information you might include, it's fine to refer to them in your policies and not replicate the information in your policies.

• Integrating your policies into the day-to-day operations of your practice.

• Provision of HR support where the Practice Accreditation raises staffing issues.

Additionally, as an ADA member, you can access helpful resources such as those located on the Human Resources Hub and via services such as PharmaAdvice in Medicines Information for any issues raised throughout the practice accreditation process.

For more information and support email or phone ADA Branch in your state or territory.