What's Involved


In a nutshell, practice accreditation is all about creating written policies for your practice and demonstrating with supporting documents that you are following them.

The full list of documents you need to complete to be considered for practice accreditation is listed on the Summary of Evidence. The ADA has created a suite of templates to help you work easily through the list, each of which matches up to one of the dental profession-applicable National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards which are at the heart of the practice accreditation process. You can either use these templates or you can choose to create or update your own documents instead. 

Or you can even use a combination of the two.

These specially-designed templates serve as a guide for completing accreditation in the most efficient, hassle-free way possible while still satisfying all of the practice accreditation requirements.

Creating your policies

As you begin creating or updating your policies, keep in mind that they should always reflect the way you run your practice. It's helpful to involve every member of the team in devising these policies so they can understand why the documents exist and how they will play a part in the day-to-day administration of the practice.

You generally have 12 months to get all the documentation together for the audit, and even if you’ve missed something, the accrediting agency will ask you for the missing evidence. The ADA will support you any time you need us.

There is no such thing as “failing” practice accreditation; rather it’s a collaborative effort with your ADA Branch who will work with you to ensure all the documentation is up to the required standard.

You will generally hold  your accredited status for two years from the date you’re awarded accreditation. If you plan on undertaking reaccreditation and the vast majority of practices do, you will need to start preparing for that 6 to 9 months ahead of the expiration of your accredited status.

To get started, you first need to register and pay the required fees.

For more information and support email or phone the ADA Branch in your state or territory.