• Member-Only Publications

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  • News Bulletin

    The News Bulletin, which publishes news and information for dental professionals, is distributed on a monthly basis (except January) to ADA members and to outside subscribers.

  • Australian Dental Journal

    The flagship journal of Australian dentistry, the Australian Dental Journal publishes manuscripts on research, clinical developments, clinical opinions and treatments and other key issues relevant to the practise of dentistry in Australia.

  • Infection Control

    Documents, templates and resources designed to assist practices with meeting Infection Control requirements.

  • Practical Guide to Dental Instruments, Materials & Equipment

    The Practical Guides are designed to provide essential information for the safe and successful use of various items of dental equipment and clinical/laboratory materials.

  • Schedule and Glossary

    The Australian Schedule of Dental Services and Glossary is the definitive coding system for items and clinical procedures, with each dental treatment assigned a three-digit code for easy identification and treatment planning. The 12th edition came into effect on 1 April 2017.

  • Therapeutic Guidelines

    Therapeutics concerns itself with the comprehensive treatment of a patient, based on the understanding that you cannot treat them without taking into account all the factors affecting their overall health.

  • Annual Report

    The Annual Report comprehensively outlines the financial performance, advocacy, strategic outcomes, activities and health promotions delivered by the ADA over the course of the previous financial year.

  • Ankyloglossia and Oral Frena Consensus Statement

    This ADA-lead multidisciplinary consensus statement aims to guide best practice for dentists and other health professionals involved in the diagnosis and management of patients with suspected and diagnosed ankyloglossia. 

  • Mouthguard Fabrication

    In lieu of a uniform standard for these devices, the ADA has developed a set of guidelines on the manufacture, use and maintenance of mouthguards.