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PeriOptix Dental Loupes and Loupe Light

26 August 2015

Dentists have numerous gadgets to make our working life more comfortable and easier. The two piece of equipment that are indispensable in my practice are dental loupes and loupe light. I initially started using the dental loupes to prevent back pain almost 20 years ago. I was introduced to the light as a postgraduate student 5 years later and have never turned back.

Initially, the loupes were heavy and cumbersome. The loupe light was connected to a large heavy box that sat on the bench and the globes had to be changed regularly.

2 years ago, I bought the PeriOptix Dental Loupes and Loupe Light and have not looked back. As a female dentist with a narrow face, these loupes fit well and are very comfortable. They have the facility to have prescription lenses if required. The glasses have excellent protection and the frames don't dig into the side of the face or behind the ears. 

The loupe light connects easily to the frames and is powered by a rechargeable battery that is held in a powerpack which clips to my work pants. The light comes with two batteries. The battery charge lasts for a number of days if it is used at a low power which is very convenient and only takes a few hours to recharge.

The loupes are available in 2.5x, 3.0x and 3.5x. For intricate surgical procedures, crown preparations and endodontics, it would be great if these loupes were available at a higher magnification. 

For comfort and a the long battery life, the PeriOptix Dental Loupes and Light are worth the $3450-$3650 (depending on the magnification) and can be purchased from ID Health 03 9893 2399.


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