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Philips Sonicare Air Floss Ultra (Triple Burst) - Interdental cleaning for the lazy flosser

18 April 2016

For years I have had patients tell me honestly that they “hate flossing” or “only floss when something is stuck between the teeth”, most patients find the routine of flossing a bore. It is habit that we need to train and educate our patients to commit to, in saying that if a product comes onto the market that revolutionises the old habit of flossing and makes it a more enjoyable process why wouldn’t we as clinician’s recommend it. I was recently given a Sonicate Air Floss Ultra Triple Burst whilst attending a CPD event and to be honest I was sceptical about the product and could only think that it was likely to join the hundreds of other dental gadgets I have stored in my bathroom cupboard. Wrong! I opened the packaging and read the instructions and gave it a go, and to my great surprise I haven’t missed a day of use since. It took a few attempts to really adapt to the product but all in all I think the Air Flosser does have a place in the dental product market, particularly for those patients who don’t floss regularly and or have manual dexterity issues.

The rechargeable handle makes it easy to hold and manouver around the mouth making it helpful for those patients who may have difficulty wrapping traditional floss around their fingers. I could see it cleaning under crowns and bridges and fixed orthodontic retainers well.  It sports a sneak design that would compliment any bathroom bench top as well as holding a solid charge it is easy to clean.

Its important to know that this product isn’t promoting itself as being better than flossing however it does compliment a patients brushing routine well and is marketed to those who don’t currently floss or are inconsistent in their interdental cleaning routine. It uses micro droplets and air to remove plaque from inter proximal spaces, one feature I really do like is the reservoir you can fill with water or mouthwash, this increases that ‘clean mouth feeling’ that patients strive for. For patients undergoing periodontal debridement (non-surgical) therapy I would encourage them to fill the cavity with a Chlorhexidine-based mouthwash. The new modification see’s this air flosser offering a triple burst feature, so you can choose to receive either one, two or three microbursts between the teeth.

Given I was gifted the product I am not sure the near $199 price tag would entice many patients to purchase this product. The other recommendation I would make is to ensure you keep your mouth closed whilst using this product as the splatter created is a problem, especially for the bathroom mirror! Available in most department stores and speciality stores such as The Shaver Shop.

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