12th Edition of Schedule and Glossary released

7 March 2017

The 12th Edition of the Australian Schedule of Dental Services and Glossary, which will take effect from 1 April 2017, has just been released.

The decision to release another edition so soon after the last was prompted by sustained concern about the deletion of 281 and 282 from the periodontal section of the Schedule from the 11th edition.

This concern triggered broad consultation with the affiliates, health funds and individual members who played a key role in its formulation. This consultation led to the creation of additional item numbers to describe active and non-surgical periodontal treatment, as well as changes to the descriptors of other item numbers in the periodontal section of the schedule.  The new item numbers are: 

250 – Active non-surgical Periodontal therapy – per quadrant
Non-surgical management of uncontrolled periodontal disease in a quadrant with at least three teeth with clinical attachment loss of at least 3mm or pocketing of at least 4mm.  This includes procedures described in items 111, 114, 115 and 222 for the quadrant.  Items such as 113, 131 and 142, may be itemised separately.

251 – Supportive periodontal therapy – per appointment
Maintenance of periodontal health subsequent to active, non-surgical or surgical periodontal therapy.  This includes procedures described in items 11, 114, 115 and 222.  Items such as 113, 131 and 142 may be itemised separately.

Several item numbers were changed, with amendments shown in bolded teal.  The change to the item number 111 is to allow for the inclusion of removing plaque and/or stain from implants as well as teeth and reflects the expectation that this item should not be used when any of the listed items have also been performed.

111 Removal of plaque and/or stain
Removal of dental plaque and/or stain from the surfaces of all teeth and/or implants.  This item is included in procedures described by items 114, 115, 250 and 251.

Based on advice from specialist societies, it was agreed that the term “periodontal debridement” was a better reflection of contemporary practice and should replace ‘root planing’ where it was used throughout the Schedule. This change has resulted in slight rewording of the following descriptors.

222 Periodontal Treatment – per tooth
The mechanical removal of biofilm and calculus from a periodontally diseased tooth to a level consistent with periodontal health.  Where calculus removal is undertaken for other teeth at the same or a subsequent visit that do not require debridement, it is appropriate to itemise 114/115 for these teeth in conjunction with but separate from the teeth that have undergone periodontal debridement

231 Gingivectomy – per tooth
The surgical removal of the soft tissue wall of the periodontal pocket or the removal of swollen, excess gingival tissues.  The procedure includes periodontal debridement of the tooth.

232 Periodontal flap surgery – per tooth
Incision and raising of a flap of gingival tissue to enable removal of inflammatory or granulation tissue.  The procedure includes periodontal debridement of the tooth.

242 Osseous graft – per tooth or implant
Reshaping and modifying defects and deformities in the bone supporting and surrounding the tooth or implant.  This includes procedures described in item 232 and 233.  The procedure includes periodontal debridement of the tooth or implant.

243 Osseous graft – per tooth or implant
A surgical procedure in which particulate bone, a synthetic substitute or other matrix is used to replace, repair or augment alveolar bone.  It may be used to repair a bony defect around a tooth or dental implant.  This is in addition to item numbers such as 232, 233, 245 and 684.

The previous two descriptors have also been amended to include clarification on the relationship to item number 233 Surgical treatment of peri-implant disease – per implant. Additional explanation in relation to the periodontal item numbers is included in the Notes for Guidance section of the Schedule on page x.

Other changes to the Schedule include removal of the Orthodontic Treatment Form and clarification that the provision of orthodontic appliances includes the anticipated adjustments (refer to the Notes for Guidance, pg xi).  Specific reference to the phasing out of item number 881 has also been removed pending further discussions with the Australian Society of Orthodontists.

Access the 12th Edition of the Schedule and Glossary here.

If you have any questions in relation to the changes in the Schedule or use of item numbers generally, you can contact a member of the ADA’s Schedule and Third Party Committee via [email protected]