ADA and ARPANSA release jointly created dental radiography factsheet

15 July 2021

The Australian Dental Association and the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency have joined together to produce a patient-centric resource that explains different types of X-rays and radiation exposure. 

The two-page information sheet focuses on educating patients about dental radiation safety, outlining the main forms of dental radiography including bite wings, peri-apical, panoramic, and lateral cephalometric x-rays as well as cone beam computer tomography. 

An infographic has also been included which shows the radiation exposure from dental X-rays compared with other sources of exposure in everyday life, with the hope that making comparisons against everyday activities will help people better understand what happens when happens when radiography is used during an appointment.   

ADA members are encouraged to use this factsheet with their patients, especially those who might be concerned about the level of radiation exposure from dental x-rays.  

You can find the factsheet at the ADA’s CPD Portal.