The ADA commissions Indigenous artwork to promote oral health resources

19 January 2022

As part of an overall commitment to improving the oral health of all Australians, the ADA is expanding the range of oral health resources available to assist health professionals, which includes culturally appropriate oral health resources for First Nations peoples for which original Indigenous artwork has been commissioned.

The artwork (above), by professional illustrator and animator Ty Waigana, a proud Noongar and Saibaigal (Torres Strait) man, will assist in the development and promotion of First Nations oral health resources, which it is planned will expand in range over 2022 as the ADA works with dental and non-dental organisations to create material that can be used in dental and medical practices.

The artist, who was the NAIDOC poster artist for 2020 and is currently exhibiting at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, has also worked on projects for Australian National University, Australian Electoral Commission and the Queensland Child and Family Commission.

The four misshapen orbs used in the design, which overlap and meet symbolising community and a holistic connection to health, symbolise the four themes integral to the work of the ADA:

-    Having a healthy and happy smile
-    Achieving a healthy and happy smile through a holistic health approach
-    Activities to achieve holistic health including eating healthy, happiness, a healthy lifestyle, drinking water
-    Community health which contributes to an individual's overall health

The overlapping and meeting of the orbs symbolise community and a holistic connection to health, with the ADA blue highlighted with complementary colours which are youthful and engaging to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

The Indigenous oral health page is now live on

Artist: Tyrown Waigana with Saltwater People