New podcast shines a light on vexatious notifications

2 January 2020

In recognition of the considerable concern among health practitioners about inappropriate reports made to Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) by malcontent patients or colleagues, the regulator has released a podcast which deal in depth with the issue of vexatious notifications. 

A key part of the work that AHPRA has been doing to improve the experience of the notifications process by notifiers, practitioners and those who support them, which includes the video series Let’s Talk About It, the episode examines the following aspects of vexatious notifications. 

“This episode talks about the defining characteristics of vexatious notifications and how common they are. It also looks at the impact they have on practitioners and explores how the regulator is working to identify, respond and manage vexatious notifications.” 

It is hoped, says AHPRA CEO Martin Fletcher, that initiatives such as this will make important information about the notifications process available to a broader range of people, especially those directly affected by a notification. 

“We know that being the subject of a notification is often very stressful for a practitioner. While the numbers are small, we recognise that the impact of a vexatious notification is very significant for the practitioner.” 

Hosted by Susan Bigger, the episode, part of an ongoing series currently in development, features Associate Professor Marie Bismark (University of Melbourne), Kate Griggs (a health consumer advocate who is a member of AHPRA’s consumer reference group), Dr Sara Bird (manager of medico-legal and advisory services at MDA National), and Matthew Hardy (National Director of Notifications for AHPRA).