CDBS: Minor amendments to take effect from 1 January 2018

22 November 2017

The Minister for Health, the Hon Greg Hunt had advised the ADA that a number of changes to the CDBS have been finalised and will take effect on 1 January 2018.
These changes are follows (further information is provided on the attached table). Please ensure that you read this article thoroughly and make your practice staff aware of the changes. 
Diagnostic and Preventive Services
Item numbers 88012, 88111, 88114 and 88121 have been amended to allow patients to receive their treatment once every five months instead of six monthly.  This is in response to calls from the ADA that parents need to align children’s appointments with school holidays.  A maximum of two per calendar year will still apply.
The same rule will apply in relation to the allowable time between a comprehensive oral examination (88011) and a periodic examination (88012).  The period between examinations has been reduced to five months again to allow patients to be seen at a more convenient time but use of the item number 88012 remains capped at two in any given calendar year. 
Item number 88111 – removal of plaque now encompasses removal of plaque from both teeth and implants.
Restorative Services
Item number 88586 has been revised as follows:
88586 Crown – metallic – with tooth preparation – preformed $257.00
Placing a preformed metallic crown as a coronal restoration for a tooth
In addition, a new item number has been added to reflect where there is minimal or no restoration of the tooth required.
88587 Crown – metallic – minimal tooth preparation – preformed $152.50
Placing a preformed metallic crown as a coronal restoration for a tooth and where minimal or no restoration of the tooth is required. Commonly referred to as a ‘Hall’ crown.
Prosthodontic Services
Two new item numbers have been added to align with the 12th edition of the Australian Schedule of Dental Services and Glossary. 
88723 Provisional partial maxillary denture $327.45
88724 Provisional partial mandibular denture $327.45
These item numbers provide for the supply of new provisional dentures to one upper and one lower denture per patient however, permanent dentures cannot then be provided and attract a rebate within six months. 
Items 88731 88733, 88736 and 88741 have been subsequently amended to recognise the inclusion of the two new item numbers above.
The rebates for item numbers 88721 and item 88722 have been increased to $436.60 up from $322.95. 

However, the frequency with which these services are rebated remain limited to one every two years.
The changes have resulted in a reduction to the rebate for item number 88733 which has been reduced from $67.00 to $36.15.
If you have any questions about the changes, please do not hesitate to call your local ADA branch for clarification.