Get mouths on track: Everything you need for Dental Health Week

20 June 2019

It’s a great question - “How’s your oral health tracking?”

Ask the average man or woman on the street and there’s a good chance they may not be able to give you an adequate answer.

On some level, most people know they should brush and floss but beyond that, knowledge is sketchier than many dentists would like, with figures from Australia’s Oral Health Tracker, a combined initiative of the ADA and the Australian Health Policy Collaboration, revealing for instance that only 51% of adults brush twice daily and a shocking 25.5% of people aged 15 and above have untreated tooth decay.

So, this year during the ADA’s Dental Health Week, dentists and practices are being encouraged to ask their patients and members of the wider community - “How’s your oral health tracking?”

Whatever the answer, the event is all about getting the message out about the need for twice daily brushing and at least once a day flossing, healthy eating and regular dentist visits and doing it as creatively and expansively as time and means allow.

To help with spreading the word, a resources kit has been released that dentists and practice staff can use in a variety of situations.

Doing a presentation at a local school or community group of some kind? Talking to your local GPs so they’re aware of what they should be looking for orally? Looking to get some media coverage or really making a splash on your social media channels?

The resources kit can help with all those activities, containing an event handbook filled with great tips, bright, colourful, information-filled posters and factsheets, a PowerPoint template and tailored article explaining what Dental Health Week is and short animated oral health videos, posts and banners.

Dentists, and practice & dental clinic staff are being encouraged to think big and be imaginative, so the word about the importance of oral health is spread as widely as possible.

Download the resources kit and if you have questions or suggestions, please email [email protected]