Dental practitioner support service under development by DBA

12 April 2019

A dental practitioner support service, identified as a key initiative for the Dental Board of Australia (the Board) for FY 2019/2020, is being developed for every registered dental practitioner and dental student in Australia. 

The service is intended to provide a confidential information and referral service for dental practitioners experiencing health-related issues or life stresses. 

The Board is aiming to work closely with professional dental associations such as the ADA in the development of this service, which it is hoped will take place alongside promotion of the necessity for all dental practitioners to look after their health and wellbeing and seek help when necessary. 

Currently, the Board is determining the form the new service would take and the various options it might offer, with plans in place to host a roundtable with professional associations and the Australian Dental Council in September to further progress development.