Diabetes Australia unveils new dental health information page

27 May 2019

A new section on dental health has been unveiled on Diabetes Australia website, the result of an ADA apprach that offered to provide relevant information for people with diabetes.

The page highlights the various complications related to diabetes including periodontitis, tooth decay, decreased saliva production, oral thrush, delayed or poor healing of mouth wounds and altered taste. 

The information aims to assist those with diabetes to understand and look out for the various ways their condition can affect their oral health. 

It emphasises, in particular, periodontitis, which is listed as the “most commonly recognised oral complication related to diabetes”, the result of people with diabetes being at greater risk of developing the chronic disease (though with optimum blood glucose management the risk becomes the same as that of someone without diabetes). 

It also reveals that the link between periodontitis and diabetes is a two-way relationship with people with the gum disease exhibiting a high chance of developing prediabetes and diabetes.  

As well as educating people with diabetes about the potential oral health complications they may experience, it also provides tips for looking after their oral health, including the importance of drinking water and then brushing teeth after a hypoglycemic event. 

For more on this important new resource, go to Diabetes Australia – Dental health