ADA FDI World Dental Congress - Making the most of the event

16 September 2021

Do you have limited experience attending such a major event as the ADA FDI World Dental Congress - Special Event through a virtual, interactive platform? Here are some tips to maximise your enjoyment and enrichment stemming from this groundbreaking event, without getting overwhelmed by the sheer breadth of possibilities presented this year.

Don’t expect to take it all in at once
Breaks are built into the programme, so do take the time to explore beyond the main speakers. Discussion rooms and the exhibition showcase are all available to digitally ‘wander’ and engage more informally. An event of this magnitude can present a sense of overstimulation or ‘information overload’, which is exactly why there is a 60-day period where delegates can access all materials – play a presentation over again later, with the ability to pause and take notes, or check out exhibitors and products that may key into the subject matter of a presentation.

There are also several ways for you to interact with organisers, speakers and exhibitors, to ask all the questions
you have in mind so that you can gain a full understanding of the many exciting and new concepts and ideas often introduced by an event such as this. On the other hand, preparing for Congress before the live event by reading blog posts, published articles or study abstracts by or about the main speakers will also give you additional depth of understanding and enjoyment.

Get comfortable, get prepared
When you attend a conference or event in a convention centre or hotel meeting area, there is always a breakout space furnished with comfortable seating, healthy snacks, drinking water and tea and coffee. Ensuring you have the same kind of comforts ready for yourself at home, means you can concentrate fully and easily on the event.

Print out your agenda and any speaker materials, if that’s helpful for you, or have them open or readily available on your computer screen when you log in to the event. Choose a quiet location where you can attend uninterrupted (or quality headphones if you can’t), and take the time to dress for the occasion to help get your mindset ready for professional development. We won’t be able to see your ugg boots, of course, but you will!

Get social
As well as the chat and meeting functions of the Congress platform and the interactive zones (see Get interactive! below), there are plenty of opportunities to engage with the ADA itself, and other ADA member
delegates, on our social media pages. One of the real benefits of being a member of an organisation like this during these times of ‘stay at home’ and ‘social distancing’ is you still very much feel a part of a community of like-minded dental professionals.

Visit the ADA on Facebook by searching ‘Australian Dental Association’ and ‘HealthyTeeth
Australia’, follow on Twitter at @Aus_Dental, on LinkedIn and on Instagram 


Get interactive!

As befits such a prestigious international congress, the online platform on which Congress is being staged presents some cutting-edge opportunities for delegates to take in all the exhibitions that make Congress so comprehensive. Think 3D custom exhibitions, video features and the newest innovations on display from some of the industry’s leading organisations and brands – and well beyond the ability to ‘attend’ presentations during the live event, Congress also offers interactive zones where the virtual audience can engage with them.

To start with, you can navigate exhibitor’s interactive zones through the website’s exhibition showcase menu, then connect with exhibitors either through a form or live public or private chat. (Tip: be sure to check your computer or device’s security settings to enable notifications.) Public chat is akin to an informal conversation amongst the audience visiting an exhibition stall, while a private chat is just that.

Alternatively, delegates can click on specific exhibitor team members and chat with them one on one that way, and can also network with them face to face via the ‘book a meeting’ function on the event’s digital platform. A meeting request is set up via email, and it is important to note that meetings are not only available during the live event but in the 60-day period following the live dates as well.

Think of the live event period as simply beginning the conversation. The two months afterwards still offer the functionality and unmatched opportunity to connect formally or informally with some of the industry’s most forward-facing movers and shakers.