FebFast – give up sugar and help disadvantaged young people

9 February 2021

FebFast, which runs as you might expect through the month of February, is all about giving up a vice, whether it be sugar, alcohol or one of a person’s own choosing in aid of seriously disadvantaged young people aged 12-to-25. 

Participants who answer the challenge abstain from primarily either sugar or alcohol to raise funds to give these young people access to the resources and support they need to lead “healthy and fulfilling lives”. 

It can be daunting given up something you love for an entire month but the benefits are considerable. 

Not simply for the young people who will have their lives changed for the better, but for the participants who report the following benefits from taking part: 

- Feeling healthier 

- Improved sleep 

- Increased productivity 

- Money saved 

- More energy 

- Improved concentration 

From an oral health point of view, giving up sugar particularly can have considerable pluses. 

A major contributor to tooth decay, decreasing the amount of sugar in a person’s diet can have a favourable impact on the state of their oral health, and also their oral health. 

With figures drawn from the ADA’s Oral Health Tracker showing that nearly half of all adults (47.8%) consume too much sugar, FebFast is the perfect opportunity for many people to make a change for the better for their health as well making a real difference in the lives of young people.