Could good oral health prevent severe cases of COVID-19?

30 June 2020

While acknowledging that data on COVID-19 is “sparse” due to its relatively recent emergence, the German Society of Dentistry and Oral Medicine (DGZMK), reported by Dental Tribune, has “stressed the importance of dental prevention and the systemic relevance of dentistry , especially in times of the pandemic.”  

Citing a number of recent studies that suggest good oral health and reduced severity in the course of cases of COVID-19 are linked, Prof. Roland Frankenberger, president of the DGZMK stated: 

"In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, dentistry has a particularly important role to play in keeping the oral cavity healthy. Dental prophylaxis strengthens the immunocompetence at the point of entry of the virus and helps to avoid infection or to mitigate its course." 

A healthy oral cavity is a barrier against a wide range of diseases in normal circumstances and this remains true, notes Dr Frankenberger, in the case of COVID-19 which studies have suggested may take a more severe course where good oral hygiene has not been maintained. 

For more on this particular story and a listing of the three of the studies Dr Frankenberger cites, go to, “Good oral health may prevent severe COVID-19 progression”