ADA and Choice are making the call for clearer sugar labelling

9 November 2017

At present, there is no requirement to list added sugar on food and drink products.

This means that consumers are unable to accurately tell how much sugar they are eating and drinking, a critical problem given the way sugar negatively contributes to tooth decay, obesity and other health issues.

Any clarity on the amount of added sugar is further confused by the tendency of food and beverage companies to use over 43 alternate names for added sugar on packaging.

In order to help consumers better comply with both Australian Dietary Guidelines and World Health Organisation recommendations to limit sugar intake, the ADA and Choice have launched a joint campaign to push Federal and State & Territory health ministers to decide to list added sugars on all food and drink packaging.

In addition to a video by Dr Matt Hopcraft, CEO of the ADA Victoria branch, which discusses how sugar affects teeth and can lead to tooth decay, consumers are being encouraged to call their respective health ministers to add their voice to the call for clear and honest food and drink labelling.

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