NT wins award for most progress in alcohol policy development in 2018

14 March 2019

Each year, the National Alliance for Action on Alcohol (NAAA), which compares progress in alcohol policy development annually between Australian states and territories, awards the Fizzers to the best and worst performers, which are assessed by three expert assessors in each state and territory. 

The 2018 award for the most action taken on alcohol in 2018 was awarded to the Northern Territory (NT) while NSW took out the Fizzer for the worst performance on the issue. 

Citing the NT’s comprehensive alcohol policy reform following their response to the landmark Riley Review into alcohol policies and legislation, NAAA Co-Chair Ms Jane Martin lauded their actions which she said would work to “save lives and keep people healthy and well.” 

“Their comprehensive reform agenda is leaving no stone unturned and they have also committed to evaluating these measures to contribute to further evidence-based policy development. They are very worthy winners of the best performer in the Alcohol Policy Scorecard.” 

NSW, by contrast, was sanctioned with the Fizzer for failing to institute an alcohol strategy or to introduce several recommendations from a review into alcohol advertising. Further, there was concern expressed about the level of alcohol industry influence in the state’s alcohol policies. 

Tasmania and the ACT also did not receive a pass mark. 

This initiative is important because it highlights the way alcohol use and abuse – Australia's Oral Health Tracker shows that 17.1% of Australians aged 14 years and older engage in long term risky drinking – affect the oral and general of all Australians.