Orthodontists study finds children now want braces for their teeth

10 August 2016

Braces are officially IN.

The Courier Mail is reporting new research by the Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO) that reveals increased demand by teenagers for items that were once the object of ridicule and scorn.

In fact, so in favour have braces become that nine out 10 orthodontists have witnessed a child become upset when told they don't need the orthodontic items that are now available in all the colours of the rainbow, as much a fashion accessory as a vital device used to correct malocclusion.

Among the children that do need braces fitted, seven out of 10 greet the news with undisguised joy with many parents bringing their eager children in for a consultation after being pestered to do so.

Trendy they may be but orthodontist Dr David Mastroianni, who says technological advances have made the orthodontic items more comfortable, says parents need to remember that braces serve an important function and that they should seek an expert's opinion on whether they really need to be fitted.

"There’s no denying that braces can be one of the best things you can do for your child and no one’s questioning the benefits, but it’s our responsibility, as specialist orthodontists, to distinguish the need from the want to determine the best course of action, if any, is required," says Dr Mastroianni.