SA dental practices move to level 5 restrictions

19 November 2020

This morning, the South Australian Government has announced that dental practices in the state must not perform routine dental treatment and that all patients with acute dental concerns be directed to emergency care centres, in alignment with Level 5 in the ADA’s Dental Service Restrictions framework.  

The detail of the state government direction is in the Emergency Management (Stay at Home) (COVID-19) Directive which states South Australian residents may leave home for access to essential services, which includes:

“procedures and surgical treatments undertaken by dentists in authorised public health care centres (consistent with Level 5 COVID-19 Dental Service Restrictions published by the Australian Dental Association) in the management of—

(a)    Patients with obvious facial swelling due to infection ie. Vestibular swelling (no trimus), facial swelling (with trimus); or

(b)    Facial trauma; or

(c)    Severe unrelating pain”

The Order is now in effect and can be read in full HERE

The ADA is in the process of seeking expert HR advice to ensure dental practices are working within the legislative framework and working collaboratively with staff during the period of business disruption. This advice will be communicated to ADA members in South Australia as soon as it becomes available.