The Prime Minister has announced a move back to Level 2 restrictions, effective 27th April

21 April 2020

This is a positive move for the profession and is a proportionate response based on the evolving community context, which will allow for the treatment of patients beyond emergencies as outlined in the ADA's framework for dental restrictions during COVID-19.

The easing of restrictions is a consequence of an assessment of risk by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) and the National Cabinet using the framework the ADA put forward initially to the AHPPC, and after consultation with the ADA over the last few days. Both the National Cabinet and AHPPC are regularly reviewing the community context and will scale restrictions with respect to transmission risk and the needs of the broader community.

While the easing of restrictions is great news it does not yet mean we are returning to business as usual. The ADA continues to work closely with government and industry to improve supply chains for essential PPE which will be a precursor for any further easing of restrictions. To achieve this we, as a profession, need to conserve and purchase PPE in a sustainable and appropriate manner. We will be in your corner, working hard to get you back to work and patients back in your care.

If you are not able to treat patients due to a critical shortage of either L2 or P2/N95 masks (less than 1 weeks stock), you can access emergency mask stock here. 

On Thursday evening we'll be staging another webinar which will focus on the practical application of returning to Level 2 restrictions while providing you with the opportunity to interact directly with the ADA President, the Chair of the Infection Control Committee, and the CEO about how the ADA is supporting members during this time.

Finally, it's important to remember that we are operating under level 3 restrictions until 26th of April and resources are available at to guide you.