Thirsty campaign attracts considerable attention and a predictable response

30 January 2019

The hard-hitting new initiative from the Rethink Sugary Drink coalition of healthcare bodies such as the ADA, which encourages young men especially to reconsider their sugary drink consumption, has met with the expected response from soft drink manufacturers. 

Using graphic images of the damage done to young men’s teeth by consumption of sugary drinks, the Thirsty campaign mocks the way in which these beverages are marketed, revealing the horror smiles behind the glamourous street-wise images commonly-used to sell these items. 

Predictably, soft drink manufacturers are not pleased with this dose of reality, the CEO of the Australian Beverages Council, Geoff Parker, describing the campaign as “misguided”. 

While he acknowledges "The work that these groups are doing to raise awareness of improving overall health”, he disputes the focus of the campaign which he believes focuses “on a small and declining part of the diet … [and which] is not going to help anyone when it comes to improving overall dental health.” 

However, the fact is that the consumption of sugary drinks continues to have a devastating impact on peoples’ health with ADA Victorian branch CEO Matthew Hopcraft noting that “When we see people who are consuming up to 1.5 litres of soft drink a day we see dental effects, and some dramatic tooth decay. 

“The impact it has on someone [is] not only through pain, but also difficulty eating, difficulty sleeping.” 

For more information on the campaign, visit the Thirsty homepage