World Oral Health Day – just one month to go!

20 February 2019

It’s never too early or too late to start looking after your oral health.

That’s the message for World Oral Health Day (WOHD) this year which, continuing a theme that began in 2018 and is intended to carry over into 2020, is encouraging people everywhere to Say Ahh, Act On Mouth Health.

The initiative, a project of the World Dental Federation or FDI, aims to motivate people to go beyond simple oral health knowledge and to turn what they know into action, stressing that it’s never too late to get started on the road to a healthy mouth. 

In addition, the ADA is promoting the message this year that tooth loss should not be considered a natural part of aging, and that taking the time to look after your oral health has a material impact on your overall wellbeing too.

It’s an especially timely message given that Australia’s Oral Health Tracker, released on WOHD in 2018, revealing that poor oral health continues to be a significant contributor to the burden of disease in Australia.

Intended as a report card that shines a spotlight on the nation’s oral health, as well putting forth goals for Australia to achieve in improving their oral health status, the Tracker illustrates the importance of using events such as WOHD to spread the message of good oral health which isn’t being heeded as effectively or expansively as it should.

Starting this WOHD, and well beyond, the ADA is encouraging Australians to take action to take charge of their oral health by adopting good oral hygiene routines, maintaining a diet low in sugar, visiting their dentist and decreasing lifestyle risk factors such as tobacco use and alcohol consumption. 

For more information on World Oral Health Day, go to and keep an eye on and your inbox for more information on ADA plans for the day.