Taking care podcast: Conversations about public safety and healthcare

1 October 2020

The Taking care podcast is an ahpra initiative which showcases interviews and conversations with people in the healthcare community on a range of current issues, as well as addressing myths and common questions. 

Available via Spotify and Apple and the ahpra site itself, Taking care aims to help listeners “think about what we can do to best protect the public and support the safe delivery of health care in Australia.” 

Episodes to date have included: 

- Vexatious notifications 

- The public’s expectations of health practitioners 

- Eliminating racism from the health system 

- COVID-19 pandemic sub-register 

- The view from rural and remote health practitioners.  

- You can also dowload transcripts of some episodes. 

Feedback is welcome – simply email [email protected] and people can also request to host the podcast on their website or via their social media channels.