Seal of Approval


The Seal of Approval program was launched in 1988 to give dental professionals, and their patients, the ability to make confident, informed decisions about which oral health care products to use.

The intent from the start has been to give dentists the assurance that they are recommending products that are safe, efficient and act as described by the manufacturer by validating the accompanying therapeutic claims.

Each product is clinically assessed by an expert panel of dental professionals, who also check that the items meet the relevant Australian standard.

A product will only be granted the Seal if it meets these stringent standards and continues to meet them, with re-testing conducted every three years.

As a dental professional, actively recommending these products to your patients not only provides them with products they can trust but further bolsters the strength of the Seal brand, ensuring that quality products continue to reach consumers.

Manufacturers must observe advertising guidelines which strictly regulate the sorts of claims they can make about products bearing the Seal:

  1. They must be scientifically accurate and reflect clinical test results
  2. They should be positioned as part of an overall oral health program
  3. The dental profession only endorses the safety and efficacy of the product

The Seal operates solely as a non-profit endeavour with the majority of funds raised providing funding to the Australian Dental Association Foundation, which is dedicated to improving the oral health of disadvantaged Australians.

  • Seal of Approval Listing

    A full listing of oral health products that have been successfully tested and vetted against the Seal of Approval guidelines.