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Pikster supaGRIP: A game changer in dental flossing?

23 December 2015

How many times have you asked a patient “how often do you floss?” and they say “not as often as I should, Doc”. Groan.  Then they ask what should they use. “Well, there’s waxed or unwaxed, braided or ribbon or threaded, thick or thin, slide, glide, satin or tape”....” but who cares -  you’re not going to use it” (OMG did I say that or just think it?)  “I know - it’s hard and time-consuming and you’re tired at night and in a hurry in the morning and you can’t do it in the car...”

A few years back I was in New York with nothing to do and I wandered into the Duane Reade store on the corner of Waverley Place and 6th in the Village and looked at the oral healthcare section. I found a packet of mini flossers – about 100 of them – which looked like a mini coping saw. I bought the packet and they were great. But no-one seemed to sell them here in Australia so I used my hundred for personal use and that was that.

Then lo and behold they appeared one day as a freebie sample courtesy of Erskine Dental. And the Erskine one (Pikster supaGRIP) was much better than my clunky version. Now most of my patients have bought them from me and for once in my 40 years of frustration THEY’RE USING THEM!

They’re small, portable, and reach the back of the mouth, but most importantly the floss is in line with the handle, like a saw. Why do others have the floss perpendicular to the handle? How many woodworking saws have the blades at right angles to the handle?  

I tell patients to wash them and re-use them (like a brush) until the floss breaks. And you can floss in the car - it’s a one-handed effort.  You can slip one into the coat pocket or purse when you’re out to use on the food impaction that plagues the ageing boomers. The only disadvantage is that you can’t let go of one end and pull the floss through. And I recommend they make different colours for the family if people reuse them although some people think that’s a bit gross. 

Piksters SupaGRIP Flosser/Toothpick. About 10 cents each.  Available from Erskine Dental. If you haven’t been sent a sample pack yet, go online and get one – they have some neat stuff in their sample packs.

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