Dr Finlay Sutton

Finlay Sutton

Hailing from Lancaster in the northwest of England, Dr Finlay Sutton works off the stress of his professional endeavours with distance running which sees him rising at 5.30am three times a week. It’s an invigorating counterpoint to running a specialist referral practice in the town of Garstang with his orthodontics specialist wife. A specialist in restorative dentistry, Finlay is involved in research at the Materials Research Institute at Lancaster University where he is working as a part of a team to develop innovative surface coatings for dentures in a bid to improve their retention rates. With a prevailing professional focus on three areas of removable prosthodontics – providing dentures for patients, training of dentists, clinical dental technicians and research & development - Dr Sutton is committed to teaching dental professionals how to provide state of the art dentures, in addition to demonstrating the techniques used in producing optimally-functioning, natural-looking dentures.

Countdown to Congress May 1st 2019