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Oral health and pregnancy New
Watch Your Mouth | Episode 01 | 18min Feb 16 2021

Host Jimmy Rees chats with Dr Chaturi Neboda, a paediatric dentist about pregnancy and how it can impact women’s oral health. Including when is the best time to see a dentist whilst pregnant, how being pregnant can affect the teeth and gums, and whether the saying ‘women lose one tooth for every child they have’ is true.

Does sucking thumbs or pacifiers affect teeth? New
Watch Your Mouth | Episode 02 | 19min Mar 01 2021

Host Jimmy Rees chats with Dr Juliette Scott, a paediatric dentist, to discuss thumb sucking and the use of pacifiers/dummies and whether parents should be concerned if their child sucks their thumb or a pacifier, what is the best age for such habits to stop, and whether they can cause negative effects on the teeth and mouth.

Tooth development & teething signs and symptoms New
Watch Your Mouth | Episode 03 | 23min Mar 24 2021

Host Jimmy Rees chats with Dr Philippa Sawyer, a paediatric dentist, as they discuss factors that can affect tooth development in growing babies. As well as common signs and symptoms of teething and ways to relieve your baby’s discomfort.

Brushing & flossing for infants and young children New
Watch Your Mouth | Episode 04 | 20min Mar 29 2021

Host Jimmy Rees chats with Dr Kareen Mekertichian, a paediatric dentist, about how to look after the oral health of infants and young children.

First dental visits & tooth decay New
Watch Your Mouth | Episode 05 | 28min Apr 29 2021

Host Jimmy Rees chats with paediatric dentist Dr Mihiri Silva to discuss first dental visits and child tooth decay. Understand what is involved in your little ones first appointment at the dentist as well as advice to help prevent tooth decay from developing.

Paediatric Dietician advice on food & drink for infants and children New
Watch Your Mouth | Episode 06 | 23min

Paediatric Dietician, Dr Kyla Smith, sits down with host Jimmy Rees to provide advice on nutritious and tooth-friendly foods and drinks. As well as a few tips for picky eaters.

Dental care for children with additional needs New
Watch Your Mouth | Episode 07 | 25min May 24 2021

Paediatric dentist, Dr Narisha Chawla, chats with host Jimmy Rees providing advice on caring for the oral health of anxious children and children with additional needs.

Early orthodontic intervention New
Watch Your Mouth | Episode 08 | 19min Jun 22 2021

Host Jimmy Rees chats with specialist orthodontist Dr Nour Tarraf about when your child should first see an orthodontist. Understanding what to look out for and when seeing an orthodontist early on can help with the development of your child's jaws and smile.

Teeth whitening (part 1) New
Watch Your Mouth | Episode 09 | 20min

Associate Professor Laurie Walsh chats with Helen Hayes about teeth whitening in the Australian Dental Association’s Watch Your Mouth podcast. They chat about what causes teeth to become dark or stained, the science of teeth whitening including blue light devices commonly seen online, and whether fillings and dental crowns can be lightened.

Teeth whitening (part 2) New
Watch Your Mouth | Episode 10 | 13min Jul 11 2022

Dr Norah Ayad talks teeth whitening with Helen Hayes. Dr Ayad answers Helen's questions about whitening teeth while pregnant and/or breastfeeding, what age people can start teeth whitening and how often to do it.

Risks of sugary drinks New
Watch Your Mouth | Episode 11 | 26min Dec 01 2022

Ali McAleese joins the Watch Your Mouth podcast to discuss sugary drinks. She provides advice on what drinks are classified as a sugary drink, making good drink choices for your mouth and body and whether sugar free drinks are a good alternative. Ali is an Accredited Practicing Dietician and works for Cancer Council Victoria. This episode is made in collaboration with Rethink Sugary Drink, which is a partnership between health and community organisations highlighting the negative effects of sugary drinks.